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Metals and Oil

The LMFX gold and silver contracts give you access to the precious metals markets 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

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With prices in both these products being quoted in the EUR and USD base currencies, you are able to remove any currency impact on your trading account allowing you to profit from the movement in the market.

With our competitive Oil spreads you are able to invest in the oil based markets without having to worry about anything else other than the price movements. The financing of positions in the Oil markets is made easier through the use of leverage.

Metals ***Typical SpreadSwap ShortSwap LongLimit and Stop LevelsUsed Margin in this example *1 pip value per 1 lotSize of 1 lot
XAGEUR0.4-0.08-0.10101% Notional Value**EURO 101000 Ounces
XAGUSD0.6-0.11-0.11101% Notional Value**USD 10 1000 Ounces
XAUEUR5.5-0.50-2.20221% Notional Value**EURO 1100 Ounces
XAUUSD2-1.71-2.67301% Notional Value**USD 1100 Ounces
UKOIL0.7-1-10.05$100/EUR75 per lotUSD 1100 Barrels
USOIL1.1-1-10.10$100/EUR75 per lotUSD 1100 Barrels
NGAS1.1-1.5-27$50/EUR45 per lotUSD 11000 MMBtu

* Margin Based on a position size of 1 lot

** Margin of $100/lot is calculated based on 400:1 leverage account.

*** Notional Value equals the number of Ounces multiplied by price

**** Leverage on Metal products is always fixed at 1:100

Contract sizes for Gold and Silver

Gold - 1 lot = 100 ounces

0.1 lot = 10 ounces

0.01 lot = 1 ounce


Notional Value*/100

Notional Value = Number of ounces * Current Market Price

For example if an account open 1 lot (or 100 ounces) of gold the required margin will be the following:

100 * 1585 /100 = $1585

The pip value for a 1 lot position is $1 per pip

Trading Hours

Trading ProductTrading Hours (GMT+2)Break Time (GMT+2)
XAGEURMon 01:00 - Fri 23:45Daily 00:00 until 01:00
XAGUSDMon 01:00 - Fri 23:45Daily 00:00 until 01:00
XAUEURMon 01:00 - Fri 23:45Daily 00:00 until 01:00
XAUUSDMon 01:00 - Fri 23:45Daily 00:00 until 01:00
UKOILMon 03:00 - Fri 23:45Daily 00:15 until 03:00
USOILMon 01:00 - Fri 23:45Daily 00:15 until 01:00

Attention: During the time period from 23:55 to 00:05 server time increased spreads and decreased liquidity can take place due to daily bank rollover. In case of inadequate liquidity/spreads during bank rollover, widened spreads and excessive slippage may occur. Therefore orders will not be executed during these times.

Metals & Oil Overnight SWAP Rates

All Metals and Oil contracts are subject to an overnight SWAP with triple SWAPS being applied on the positions held over a Wednesday.

Please note that Gold and Silver SWAPs are factored as pips/lot, whilst both Oil contracts are in USD.