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Shares Trading

Through your chosen trading account you are able to buy and sell stocks with leverage, alongside your forex and commodity transactions.

Make the trade

Through LMFX single stock CfDs, we are able to open the world of the stock markets of the U.S. and United Kingdom whilst at the same time affording you the most efficient way of accessing these markets without the need to acquire the underlying stock.

The prices of the LMFX CfDs mirror the pricing of the underlying stocks, combining this with the fact you can leverage your transaction whilst incurring a low commission on the transaction there is no reason for you not to try the LMFX Single Stock CfDs.

Shares CFDs Trading Details


Description1 Lot SizeUsed MarginSpreadsSwap ShortSwap LongLimit and Stop LevelsCommissionPoint Value per Share
Alcoa100 Shares10%0.04-0.08-$0.01
ALIBABA****100 Shares20%0.04-0.32-0.410.030.10%$0.01
American Express100 Shares10%0.04-0.77-0.580.030.10%$0.01
Bank Of America100 Shares10%0.04-0.16-$0.01
Boeing Co100 Shares10%0.04-0.78-0.960.050.10%$0.01
Chevron Corp100 Shares10%0.04-0.73-0.900.050.10%$0.01
Coca Cola Inc.100 Shares10%0.04-0.24-$0.01
General Electric100 Shares10%0.04-0.16-$0.01
Goldman Sachs100 Shares10%0.06-0.99-$0.01
Hilton100 Shares10%0.02-0.13-$0.01
IBM100 Shares10%0.05-1.22-1.490.100.10%$0.01
MasterCard100 Shares10%0.55-0.45-0.550.400.10%$0.01
McDonalds100 Shares10%0.04-0.61-0.740.030.10%$0.01
Pfizer100 Shares10%0.01-0.19-$0.01
Twitter100 Shares10%0.04-0.27-0.32-0.050.10%$0.01

**** Maximum Trade Size is 5 lots

Note: Margin requirement: used margin % * lot size * current market share price.


Description1 Lot SizeUsed MarginSpreadsSwap ShortSwap LongLimit and Stop LevelsCommissionPoint Value per Share
Amazon100 Shares10%0.20-1.99-2.430.100.10%$0.01
APPLE100 Shares10%0.12-0.68-0.830.150.10%$0.01
Cisco Systems100 Shares10%0.04-0.14-$0.01
eBay100 Shares10%0.04-0.33-0.400.030.10%$0.01
FaceBook Inc100 Shares10%0.04-0.36-0.430.030.10%$0.01
Google100 Shares10%0.45-3.36-4.110.300.10%$0.01
Illumina Inc100 Shares10%0.12-0.88-1.070.300.10%$0.01
Intel100 Shares10%0.04-0.20-$0.01
Microsoft100 Shares10%0.04-0.25-0.300.030.10%$0.01
Qualcomm Inc.100 Shares10%0.04-57.6038.400.030.10%$0.01
Teva Pharmaceutical100 Shares10%0.04-0.32-0.390.050.10%$0.01


Description1 Lot SizeUsed MarginSpreadsSwap ShortSwap LongLimit and Stop LevelsCommissionPoint Value per Share
Anglo American100 Shares14%1.00-0.14-0.221.500.10%0.01 * GBPUSD
Barclays100 Shares14%0.11-0.02- * GBPUSD
British Airways100 Shares14%0.03-0.04-0.060.300.10%0.01 * GBPUSD
BP Plc100 Shares14%0.12-0.04- * GBPUSD
HSBC Holdings100 Shares14%0.02-0.06-0.080.300.10%0.01 * GBPUSD
Lloyds TSB Group Plc.100 Shares14%0.03-0.01- * GBPUSD
Royal Bank Of Scotland Group Plc.100 Shares14%0.20-0.03-0.040.300.10%0.01 * GBPUSD
Rio Tinto Group100 Shares14%1.00-0.31-0.471.500.10%0.01 * GBPUSD
Tesco Plc100 Shares14%0.12-0.03- * GBPUSD
Vodafone100 Shares14%0.08-0.03- * GBPUSD

Trading Hours

Trading hours for U.S. Equity Markets 16:31 - 22:55 (GMT+2) Monday to Friday.

Trading hours for London Stock Exchange 10:01 - 18:25 (GMT+2) Monday to Friday. UK/LSE stocks are quoted in Pence.

Note: All Pending Orders will be force closed during market breaks. In case any order is left pending, it will be automatically deleted after the daily market closure time.

Single Stock Overnight Swap Rates

As with forex transactions, all Single Stock CfDs are subject to overnight financing. Intraday positions incur no charges.

Through these overnight charges, we also allow for any corporate action resulting in funds being transferred to shareholders; exchange offers or bonus offers etc.

Therefore, in the event that a single stock you hold – therefore you are long - issues a dividend payment and you have held this position overnight, you will receive this dividend in the form of an adjustment to the SWAP. Conversely, a short position will be charged this through the overnight SWAP.

Due to the fact that you have entered into an Index CfD which consists of many underlying stocks, you may see frequent changes to the SWAP during times of corporate announcements.

Triple SWAPS are applied on Wednesday for all Stock CfDs.

Please refer to the LMFX website for the corresponding SWAP rates.